Why Choose us? How are we Different?




There are a million bankruptcy firms out there. We believe that we can offer you the best experience, best results, and best help AFTER you’ve filed and we can give you at least three reasons why you should hire us:




#1 – Our Outstanding BBB Rating

Verify Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm We enjoy an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau as an accredited business. It took us several years to obtain it, we are very proud of it, and we will try not to bring it up in every email, but we make no promises. Achieving an A+ means that our business is considered by the Better Business Bureau as an organization that has excelled in the bureau’s factors and is worthy of passing their standards as a reliable company that consumers can trust and support…. that’s a mouth full. Basically, they think we do an excellent job for you – our customers.



#2 – Our Commitment to you AFTER your bankruptcy has been processed


We are the only firm in the Pacific Northwest that takes a holistic approach to your situation. Instead of simply eliminating your debt and then leaving you to figure out the rest yourself, we have hired a company to provide credit report repair education and materials to all our clients at no additional charge. The goal is to get you up to a 720 credit score in less than two years.


#3 – The only bankruptcy firm to offer a REAL payment plan

payment-planFinally, we are the only firm out there that offers a real installment payment plan to our clients. Almost all firms will take payments from you, but they won’t file your case until your after fees and court costs are paid in full. We take less than a third of the attorney fees and court filing fees up front and take the rest in monthly installments after you are safely under the protection of the bankruptcy court.

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