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bankruptcy filing fees

Affordable Bankruptcy Filing Fees

Bankruptcy can provide the protection you need to protect yourself from creditors. However, the courts might doubt your ability to afford an attorney. After all, how can you afford an expensive attorney if you have no money?

The truth is, paying for assistance when going through bankruptcy might be easier than you think. At Northwest Bankruptcy, we offer the simplest and most manageable repayment plan of any firm in the Pacific northwest. Most firms offer installment plans that allow you to pay off your case gradually until all the attorney and filing fees are paid and then file your case. To get your case filed as quickly as possible, we offer a more affordable plan that raises fewer red flags with the courts.

You’re Protected

With Northwest Debt Relief, you can pay attorney fees in two categories: pre-filing and post-filing. Pre-filing attorney fees are paid only for work performed before filing. However, for any work performed post-filing, we offer an easy-to-understand format for your budget. Since we activate your personalized installment plan after you’ve filed, you’re safely under the protection of bankruptcy code.

No Confusing or Hidden Costs

We are the only firm that offers a meaningful payment plan that enables you to pay most of your attorney and filing fees after your case is filed. Your fees and costs are as follows. First, you need $500 prior to getting your case filed. Most of our clients pay and initial $100 to hire us. They then save the remaining $400 for the time of filing. Second, the filing fee for the court is $306.

The Washington Bankruptcy Court demands $100 of this amount up front and, once we file an application on your behalf, it will let you pay the remainder over a couple of months. In Oregon, the court will let you pay the whole $306 in the two months after your case is filed.  After you get done paying the filing fee, you would have five monthly installment payments of $160 each.  If you are in a position to pay all of your attorney fees and filing fees prior to filing, we would discount our total attorney fees by $300.

To Learn More About Affordable Bankruptcy Filing Fees

Don’t go through this process alone; a bankruptcy attorney is more affordable than you think and can help you work through confusing paperwork and explain important details. Contact Northwest Bankruptcy for more information.